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Since 1994, Altep has been assisting corporations and law firms with complex data and discovery management initiatives. Our primary goal is always to identify the strategies, techniques and technologies that can save our clients time and money, allowing them to meet discovery and compliance obligations thoroughly and efficiently. Our consultative approach to the development of business solutions is the keystone in this effort – we work closely with you to understand your driving factors and explore creative solutions that avoid unnecessary costs and provide the best value for your money. Altep's experts specialize in Digital Forensics, Discovery and Compliance.





Altep's leaders have decades of combined experience in litigation, technology, information systems and client relationship management. Together, they drive Altep's strategies for business development, operational efficiency, customer service, information security, and innovation. As foremost experts in each of their respective areas, they work to ensure long-term success, productivity, and competitiveness for both Altep and each of our clients.



The Altep team is comprised of diverse and dedicated professionals with broad experience in data analysis, project management, technology, and jurisprudence. We have managed a remarkable array of long-term, complex projects for large law firms and corporations throughout the world. With a twenty year track record in complex discovery and compliance management, Altep has the foresight to help you plan for the unexpected, control costs and keep your projects and initiatives on track.
  • Be Ready

    Count on Altep to help you create a more defensible climate for both current and future litigation.

  • Do It Right

    We've got the tools and the experts to support data-intensive, global discovery initiatives.

  • Be Effective

    We work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders to create measurable, repeatable efficiencies.

  • Be Compliant

    Identify ethical and procedural risks, before issues arise.

  • Keep it Safe

    Our robust infrastructure keeps your data secure and available, 24x7.

  • Trust the Experts

    We've been managing complex discovery for more than 20 years.




Altep, Inc. Certified SOC II Compliant

04 February 2015

Altep, Inc., a leader in digital forensics, e-discovery and compliance, today announced they have successfully completed a Service Organization Controls (SOC) Audit Type II examination for their secure data hosting and review platforms. Altep retained international business advisory firm Skoda Minotti for its SOC audit work, having selected the firm in part on the basis of their strong reputation for thoroughness and accuracy.

How To Turn Concept Analytics into a Compliance Asset

30 January 2015

The term “big data” is being thrown around a lot these days. For corporate compliance and governance officers, big data implies a need for methods, technologies and processes that are able to analyze massive amounts of communications quickly, picking out patterns within that data to protect the company, and its employees, from potential risk and exposure. One such technology is conceptual analytics, which has been used extensively for the last few years to drive technology-assisted review. To assist corporate clients with their compliance and risk auditing initiatives, Altep, Inc. has developed another concept-driven system called RiskcoveryTM.

Warren Kruse, VP of Digital Forensics with Altep Inc. to Speak at IAFCI Conference

22 August 2014

Altep, Inc., a trusted innovator in the fields of digital forensics, e-discovery and compliance, today announced that Warren Kruse, VP of Digital Forensics, will  present at the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators’ 2014 Phoenix Training Conference. Kruse will provide an overview of techniques and best practices for forensic acquisition of mobile devices.  “In today’s technology-rich business environments, it’s rare to conduct a forensic investigation that doesn’t involve some type of mobile device. Nearly half of American adults own a tablet. More than 90% own a cell, and nearly a third of those cell owners describe their phone as ‘something they can’t imagine living without,’” Kruse remarked. “With the increasing prevalence of so-called ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies in corporate IT, the complexity of these investigations only stands to increase. It’s critical for Examiners to stay sharp, and master the necessary tools and techniques for proper acquisition and investigation of mobile devices.”

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