Altep’s Discovery Partnership Model

During the course of more than twenty years as the litigation solutions partner for numerous Fortune 100 corporations, Altep has developed a unique Discovery Partnership Model, in which each of the key players – in-house counsel, outside counsel and Altep – share the burden of managing complex discovery and production projects.  Under this model, each partner is responsible for one or more critical aspects of the process.  At specific junctures in the discovery life cycle, activity and responsibility transfer from one player to the next.  Throughout the partnership, Altep acts as an independent facilitator to ensure timely and appropriate communication among all parties.

In-House Counsel as First Responders

In-house counsel performs the initial analysis to determine the scope and impact of the case, identify potential data sources,  prepare budget estimates and evaluate resource allocation.  As information becomes available, in-house counsel sets processing priorities, develop the timeline for collection, processing and review, and set the milestones that teams must meet in order to comply with court-imposed discovery deadlines.

At the beginning of each engagement, Altep assigns a Project Manager who will be the primary point of contact for the duration of the project.

Altep as Technology Experts

Altep’s discovery and technology teams work with in-house counsel and internal litigation support staff to gain control of data, by developing and implementing standardized protocols.  During planning, we assist with identifying data sources and key custodians, planning collection strategies, establishing the chain of custody, determining a Bates schema and other naming conventions, and determining production format.

After data has been collected, we assist in-house and outside counsel with data reduction strategies including early data assessment and first-past culling via interactive EDA in the Nuix platform.  We then propose EDD processing criteria and collaborate with counsel to select parameters that will effectively and defensibly reduce the document population to the relevant dataset.

Once processed, the culled data population is loaded for review, and Altep’s data management teams promote outside counsel’s understanding of its content and meaning by developing search terms and queries, pre-tagging sub-sets of data, and leveraging conceptual analytics to reveal patterns and trends in the information.

Outside Counsel as Subject Matter Experts

After processing and analysis, hosted data is ready for review.  Outside counsel is free to focus on facts of the case, develop an effective defense and investigate the content of the document population.   Data is hosted in Altep’s custom-developed document review platform, Inspicio®, which offers true native document review, fully integrated conceptual analytics, and a variety of other time- and money-saving features.  Alternatively, Altep will host data for review in Relativity®, Clearwell®, Viewpoint® or the client’s preferred application.

If needed, Altep’s strategic partner, SuperiorReview, can be enlisted to provide additional assistance with review project management, supplementary discovery consulting and legal review services.  Altep’s data management experts remain engaged to facilitate effective, focused review techniques and assist counsel in meeting deadlines and controlling review costs.  Throughout the discovery lifecycle, the assigned Project Manager promotes and enhances communication among all parties, and provides regular, objective reporting on standards, processes and status.

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