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Altep maintains locations in thirteen cities across the US, staffed with experts in the areas of e-discovery, compliance, discovery consulting, litigation management, and digital forensics.

At Altep, our primary goal is always to identify the strategies, techniques and technologies that can save our clients time and money throughout the litigation lifecycle. Our consultative approach to the development of business solutions is the keystone in this effort – we work closely with you to understand your driving factors and explore creative solutions that avoid unnecessary costs, provide the best value for your money, and offer proactive benefits to your organization’s long-term discovery management program.

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Employee Training and Vetting

All Altep employees are HIPAA certified and required to complete yearly awareness training; additionally, all employees complete mandatory Information Security Awareness training and Prevention of Sexual Harassment training. Employees are expected to abide by our Corporate Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior, as well as the policies and standards outlined in our Employee Handbook.

All employees must pass a pre-employment background check and drug screening, and are required to sign a strict non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement.

Once hired, employees are encouraged to engage in on-the-job training, and are sent to major industry conferences to obtain and/or maintain certification in our major software platforms.


Altep is proud to promote a corporate culture that is inclusive and accepting. Our Code of Ethical Business Conduct recognizes that each of our team members contributes to our shared goals to the best of his or her ability and experience, and requires that we each assess our own contributions and those of our team members on the basis of their practical merit. We believe in focusing on each person’s unique perspective and skills, and valuing their individual worth and their unique contribution, both as people and as members of our team.


Information Security

Altep maintains hardware and software environments which are continually hardened against threats and can easily be scaled to accommodate increasing file storage, e-discovery processing, hosting, productions, and forensic analysis requirements.


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Internal Network

All of Altep’s internet-accessible systems are located behind a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 certified firewall. All client data resides in the secure network behind a second FIPS 140-2 firewall. Both firewalls are configured to allow minimal access. No traffic is allowed from the internet directly into the secure network.

Altep has successfully passed a number of Information Security audits performed both by external auditors on behalf of our clients, and by the clients’ own security and technology professionals.



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