Whether you’re preparing for a current case or looking toward the possibility of future litigation, a thorough and consistent discovery management program is a critical aspect of your organization's litigation strategy.

Altep's consultants will work with your legal and technology departments to create a Discovery Playbook and ensure that inside and outside counsel have access to appropriate protocols and workflows at the outset of each matter. Additionally, we can provide subject matter experts to assist with data privacy and cyber security, and compliance and risk assessment via Riskcovery®

Altep’s Consulting Group is comprised of industry experts that serve in-house counsel, outside counsel, IT and other business units alike. As former litigators and attorneys, many of the team members understand the brevity of the situations presented and ensure that the end goals are kept in mind throughout the handling of a matter.

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Additionally, if you have an urgent project and require immediate assistance, call our consulting hotline at 915.225.0565, we are available 24x7.


The Consulting Group is made up of three primary teams:

By developing a long-term discovery management initiative and implementing proactive litigation preparedness methods, Altep can help you create a more defensible climate for both current and future litigation, foster improved transparency in your litigation management efforts across all teams, gain better control over e-discovery processing and review costs, and reduce the risk of sanctions and further exposure. 


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