As regulatory environments become increasingly complex, inadvertent violation of critical regulations becomes an increasingly likely possibility for companies operating on an international level.

To assist our clients with these challenges, Altep now offers Riskcovery® - a concept-driven data analysis platform which can help identify possible issues, allowing organizations to respond proactively.

Conceptual Data Assessment with Riskcovery

Riskcovery is a concept-driven analysis and identification system which, in many ways, is similar to a smoke detector.  Using Riskcovery, our Analysts proactively assess samples of your organization's documents and communications for possible compliance issues, identifying potential violations before they become major problems.

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The Riskcovery platform is built on industry-leading conceptual analytics technology, which has been shown in a variety of applications to accurately capture the conceptual meaning of written communications, without respect to language and without the need for dictionaries or thesaurus.

Our Riskcovery Analysts work with you, your Counsel, your IT department and your Compliance team to collect a representative sampling of the documents and emails on your systems. These are ingested into the Riskcovery platform, and a pre-defined conceptual taxonomy is applied and refined. 

After ingested materials are processed, documents and emails that include the concepts defined by the taxonomy are identified and categorized for review and analysis. A range of comprehensive, easy-to-interpret reports can be generated to support Executive review of the Riskcovery analysis and findings. Depending on the results, additional investigation and remediation may be required. 


About Riskcovery

Riskcovery is a concept-driven analysis and identification system. In many ways, it’s similar to a smoke detector. Just as a smoke detector is designed to alert the homeowner to the possibility of danger in the form of a fire, Riskcovery is designed to alert corporate governance to the possibility of compliance, ethics, and even procedural issues. It’s a powerful means of proactively auditing your corporation’s document population for signs of a problem, so that you can take action to address the situation before an internal investigation or government inquiry commences.

Riskcovery uses sample documents to identify materials with similar conceptual content and meaning. Unlike TAR platforms, which attempt to control costs during the review stage, Riskcovery is intended to proactively reduce collection of irrelevant information, far upstream from review and analysis.

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Altep provides support for Riskcovery projects via a dedicated phone number
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Riskcovery Reveals Possible Issues and Risks

Your Riskcovery Analyst will work with you, your Counsel, and your Compliance Officer to identify an appropriate representative sampling of corporate documents and email. These files are ingested into the software. Then, the Analyst uses a pre-defined concept taxonomy to perform an initial assessment. The taxonomy can be refined and expanded using additional documents from your own corpus, or from any data source in the world. Documents that conform to the taxonomy concepts are categorized for further review and analysis. Depending on their content and meaning, additional investigation and remediation may be required. A range of comprehensive, easy-to-interpret reports can be generated to support Executive review of the Riskcovery analysis and findings.

Riskcovery Helps You Limit the Scope of Collection

  • Audit data sub-sets to ascertain relevance
  • Prioritize collection efforts and assess the most critical evidence early in the matter
  • Refine legal hold strategies and ensure appropriate issuance
  • Identify populations that require special handling / forensic methods
  • Verify and augment your organization’s data map

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