Altep’s certified information security professionals leverage a range of technical expertise to provide strategic guidance regarding cyber security. Our team includes investigative personnel certified in digital forensics, data breach / incident handling, web application penetration, ethical hacking, and various other specializations.

IT Systems Audit Services

Altep's forensic and technology specialists have decades of experience in information security, hardware and software development, and networking. Using industry-standard applications and methods, our teams will assess your IT infrastructure to identify possible vulnerabilities, then provide recommendations to address possible threats.

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Computer System Security Analysis addresses important security concerns in technical, administrative and procedural areas:

  •   Are computer systems adequately protected?
  •   Are security controls in place and functioning properly?
  •   Are additional security measures necessary?

Let Altep’s experts examine your computer systems and evaluate your security measures - we'll dispatch a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and support team to perform an on-site analysis at your convenience.

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Penetration Testing

Test your computer systems before the malicious hackers do!

It’s a constant battle: IT departments versus malicious hackers. And it’s a battle that the IT departments must win, because no one wants to be the next victim of cyber attack.

To assist firms in protecting mission critical applications and data, Altep offers comprehensive penetration testing.



Additionally, we can assess the security of new systems and technologies, and assist you in identifying compliance issues which may compromise your overall security posture.

Using the same techniques that cyber-criminals use, our experts will identify vulnerabilities in web applications and services, wireless networks, and networked systems, and report our findings in an accessible, readable format, along with recommended countermeasures to reduce or eliminate risk.


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Data Incident Investigation & Response

Let our team of Privacy & Security Leaders protect you and your data from further harm.

Identities are being stolen by hackers every day, and in many instances, companies have a legal obligation to investigate and notify potential victims of identity theft. What's more, a data breach can result in serious loss of consumer trust - companies must protect their reputations by handling every suspected and actual incident as efficiently and responsibly as possible.


Altep can be on site within 24 hours to assist with the critical, time-sensitive investigation of your data systems, providing analysis of the events and their impact, recommending next steps for remediation, and assisting with security planning and training..

Altep’s First Responders will perform an on-site technical examination of IT and Data Systems to determine whether systems have been hacked, provide immediate corrective recommendations, and analyze the affected data.

  •   Was PII/PHI compromised?
  •   How many customers have been affected?
  •   Where are customers physically located?
  •   Which jurisdictions are implicated?

Once the matter is well in hand, we'll help you identify vulnerabilities, and offer strategies for long-term remediation. Finally, we'll assess your notification requirements and assist you in developing and implementing an appropriate notification response.

Your systems may be more vulnerable than you think - don't leave cyber security to chance!

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Data Destruction

Information can be a Liability

Holding onto outdated customer or patient information can be a liability. If it is lost or stolen, your customers or clients may be the target of identity thieves. Smart companies now engage professional data destruction teams to ensure that such data is completely and properly destroyed.


The Data Destruction team provides data destruction analysis and consultation, including recommendations regarding the most cost effective and efficient method of destruction, and actual destruction in accordance with applicable standards:

  • Regulatory
  • DoD 5220 – M
  • NIST 800-88, Rev. 1


If necessary, we'll provide Certificates of Destruction at the conclusion of the engagement.


32 states have data destruction laws. Does yours?



32 States require companies that want to delete customer, client and patient data completely destroy such data in order to avoid identity theft. Data professionals recommend that companies should destroy such data after it is no longer needed. Penalties for non-compliance can be severe. 

Altep offers clients an on-site or off-site team of professional data destruction experts, with years of experience in data destruction. Our teams employ processes that meet the most stringent destruction standards.

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Data De-identification

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Medical researchers need access to actual patient medical records, and HIPAA regulations allow health care providers to supply such records. But first, patient medical records must be “de-identified" so that patients remain anonymous. Failure to de-identify patient records can result in severe sanctions.

Ensure HIPAA compliance and avoid sanctions by engaging Altep’s Data De-identification Team.

Altep’s team of experienced Data Privacy Professionals will provide on-site or off-site de-identification services, to include a de-identification consultation, data analysis, recommendations regarding the most efficient and cost-effective method of de-identification, actual de-identification in accordance with required standards, and a certificate of de-identification.


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Additionally, if you have an urgent project and require immediate assistance, call our consulting hotline at 915.225.0565, we are available 24x7. 


Privacy & Security Leaders

Our Privacy and Security Leaders have the knowledge, experience and credentials you need.


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Additionally, if you have an urgent project and require immediate assistance, call our consulting hotline at (915) 225-0565, we are available 24x7.