Cyber Security Services for Health Care Entities

Organizations in every industry face increasingly sophisticated threats from cyber criminals, but for health care organizations, it’s an especially serious risk. Since 2009, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has cataloged[i] more than 1,600 reports of data breaches in the health care sector which involved 500 or more comprehensive patient medical records. Health care entities represent a target-rich environment for cyber thieves, because they hold and have access to detailed personal information for tens or even hundreds of thousands of individuals – data which can be held for ransom or sold on the dark net for profit.

Altep Inc. is at the forefront of
cyber security

Altep assists organizations with penetration testing and IT Systems Audits, as well as “soft” initiatives such as employee awareness training and data de-identification.

Of course, if an attack has already occurred, Altep’s response team can be on site within 24 hours to help mitigate the severity of the breach and assist with the critical, time-sensitive investigation of your data systems and networks. Our experts provide swift and thorough analysis, recommendations for remediation, and security planning, and once the incident has been resolved, we can help you train employees to maintain heightened security awareness and avoid attacks in the future.

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