Altep offers tailored e-Discovery and eDisclosure management services across each phase of the EDRM, plus wisdom earned throughout more than two decades as one of the nation’s most trusted discovery management firms.

The Altep team is a diverse group of experts who have decades of experience in discovery management for both law firms and corporations. We continually refine our approach to litigation support, adopting emerging technologies and developing innovative processes to help our clients respond to the the challenges posed by a complicated ESI landscape.

Electronic Data Discovery

Altep's expert data management and litigation support teams leverage industry-standard processing platforms, such as iPRO eCapture, and integrate customized methods to process data for e-discovery and review.

Using our proven process for managing the complexities of ESI, we first filter the collected data via our Early Data Assessment service. Using queries, date ranges, file identification and de-duplication, we quickly identify relevant items and reduce the overall population. Then, we process the remaining files to yield text and metadata. This data can then be reviewed in Relativity.

 Altep, Inc. is a Relativity Best in Service – Orange Level hosting provider, with certified Administrators, Analytics Specialists, Reviewers and Sales Pros on staff.

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Additionally, we offer clients the option of hosting data populations in IPro Eclipse.

Eclipse is a document hosting platform that was specifically developed to support very large, multi-language, Unicode collections of both electronic and imaged documents.  Eclipse easily consolidates all of your case documents into a unified view.  The Eclipse dashboard provides you with real time reporting on the progress of your cases.  In Eclipse you can set performance thresholds at multiple levels and receive alerts at your desktop.

Organize Documents

  • Create Smart Folders based on tags and file types
  • Drag and Drop into private and public folders
  • Arrange and dock panels to customize views

Identify Key Information

  • Create tags at both the page and document level
  • Tag document families up to 8 generations deep
  • Apply robust custom tag rules and security
  • Generate detailed tag conflict reports

Search and View Documents

  • Create complex search queries that include Keywords and Analytical Concepts

Collaborate with your team

  • Maintain a detailed case journal
  • Incorporate Case documents into the dashboard
  • Update team with Case Alerts with latest information

On average, we save our clients nearly half of their expected cost for electronic data discovery, review and production using these platforms along with our proven methods and processes.

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Managed Services

Altep offers petabytes of available file storage, independently audited data security, skilled & experienced support teams, and industry-leading platforms.

Our Managed Services help you avoid

  • Storage constraints
  • Infrastructure demands
  • Increasingly large and expensive backups
  • Costs associated with expanding your environment

Additionally, we offer Data Management Support, on demand, via OpenService.

OpenService is Altep’s Managed Services Request system, which allows clients to submit requests for data management within their organization’s Relativity environment.




openService - Support on Demand
On demand service and support requests are a key element of Altep’s Managed Services offering, which allows users to retain as much or as little control as they like over data management. For each matter, we offer clients the option of engaging Altep’s expert team members to assist with discovery activities, or utilizing their own staff members in Altep’s managed services environment, or any combination of the two.

Using OpenService, clients can request data management support or service by filling out a simple form within Relativity. Requests are automatically queued for Altep’s Data Management team, and  users are emailed as the status of a request changes. Additionally, users can log into Relativity and access OpenService to check the status of a request at any time, purchase additional blocks of support hours, or check the balance in their support bank.

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Paper Discovery

Altep offers paper discovery services that are fully scalable to handle projects of any size. To date, we have imaged, OCR’d and coded tens of millions of pages of paper documents - no matter how daunting your requirements may seem, we have highly-trained personnel and proven processes already in place to assist you.

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With our experience managing large-scale projects, we are able to capitalize on personnel and production processes already in place to handle any project at your location or ours. Altep’s experts have managed or assisted in the automation of hundreds of cases.

Our full-service document processing includes scanning, OCR and manual, synthetic or hybrid coding. If necessary, we can arrange for secure storage of large document collection for the duration of the processing phase. After processing, your documents can be made available to you via RelativityTM.


Early Data Assessment

Altep's expert consultants can use Early Data Assessment to help attorneys substantially - and safely - reduce the size of the data population that will be processed and reviewed.  

Our Data Analysts provide detailed Early Data Assessment reports of file types, sizes, dates, e-mail attachments, duplicates, folders and media, and much more. After reviewing the Early Data analysis, attorneys can make better-informed e-discovery decisions, developing culling and filtering strategies that zero in on the most important data, and limit the volume - and associated cost - of information that must be processed and reviewed. EDA is also an invaluable tool when preparing for the 26(f) Meet and Confer.

Altep offers both non-interactive and interactive Early Data Assessment in the Nuix® platform. Clients can choose the features and capabilities that best meet their requirements for pre-culling and analysis; in many cases, these techniques reduce the total volume of data that must be reviewed by as much as 87%.

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ESI Vault

Secure, Affordable and Defensible Data Storage

Regardless of industry or business segment, organizations face an unequivocal requirement to preserve email and other forms of electronically-stored information the moment that litigation becomes "reasonably foreseeable."

Complying with this requirement can become incredibly burdensome, especially for global organizations that must simultaneously manage dozens or even hundreds of matters across multiple jurisdictions.

Altep can help reduce the burden - and the organization’s exposure - by providing secure, defensible data storage that protects archived files against spoliation, loss and manipulation.

Simple Solutions for Legal Hold Management

Rather than struggling with the many challenges posed by litigation holds, including the cost of hardware and software, the risk of sanctions imposed for improper or ineffective data retention methods, and the need for specialized IT staff, many organizations are turning to secure, external storage options such as Altep’s ESI Vault®.

Upon receipt of a preservation order, client organizations collect the subject data in a forensically sound manner, then transfer it to Altep via sFTP or on physical media. Data is copied to the ESI Vault®, which generates a unique identifying ID for each file, then stores the entire collection on a secure server. Rock-solid data management techniques guarantee a defensible chain of custody - we track all access and all changes to document metadata to ensure that your data is always protected against spoliation.

As litigation progresses, collection and transfer to Altep are temporarily instated as standard steps in the your data retention practice. Your normal operations continue as usual.

As needed, you can generate reports on the nature and composition of your secure collection, or search based on specific criteria such as keywords or dates. When data is needed for review or trial preparation, you can export copies of the desired files in their native format. Your original files remain safely preserved in the ESI Vault®.


Regardless of the volume of data you need to archive, Altep’s low fees, expert technical guidance and outstanding, personalized service offer unprecedented value.


ESI Vault® preserves the integrity of your archived data through the use of advanced cryptographic keys and algorithms. Your archived data

  • can never be manipulated or destroyed - changes are tracked via sophisticated access logging
  • is protected from access by unauthorized persons
  • is protected against loss and damage as a result of equipment failure, natural disaster and human error


Rest assured that you are prepared for litigation - with an exact copy of any and all potentially relevant files securely archived in ESI Vault, managing litigation holds, early case data assessment and discovery requests will be accurate and efficient.

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Secure Hosting & Review

Altep’s secure, web-based document repositories allow our clients to review complex and sensitive materials in a robust and highly-customizable environment.

Currently, Altep offers web-based document hosting, review and production via Relativity® platform.

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Relativity is an industry-leading review platform that offers a wide array of flexible, easy-to-use features. Users can design custom work flow rules to promote consistent document decisions, and integrated text analytics allow users to quickly identify and group similar documents, promoting enhanced efficiency and accuracy throughout the review project.

Additionally, the Relativity platform provides sophisticated reporting features and a highly-granular and customizable security model. Altep is a Relativity Best in Service – Orange service provider, with Certified Administrators, Infrastructure Specialists, Assisted Review Specialists, Analytics Specialists, Sales Pros and Reviewers on staff.  We provide full-service e-discovery support including early data assessment, processing, data management and consulting. To learn more about hosting and review in Relativity, or to schedule an informative, one-on-one demo, please contact us today.


At Altep, our experts are always working to vet and adopt technologies to assist clients with complex matters while introducing and supporting efficiency. Our latest addition in that effort is Brainspace, a sophisticated concept analytics platform.

Brainspace provides a variety of user-friendly features, to include document classification, interactive data visualization features, clustering, and concept searching. Each of these capabilities allows users to quickly organize and assess large amounts of data, saving time and money while improving the accuracy of eDiscovery efforts.

In addition to its powerful organization capabilities, Brainspace provides Communication Analysis, which allows users to assess every part of communications, including domains, timeframes for messages in a given population, and activity levels. Such analysis reduces the time needed to review materials, and makes it easier to find the significance each communication thread has to the case at hand.

Importantly, Brainspace is fully integrated into Altep's Relativity environments, and complements Altep’s growing suite of reliable technology offerings. For more information about using Brainspace in your next case, contact us today.



In the course of nearly twenty years as one of the nation's most trusted e-Discovery and litigation support providers, Altep has developed parallel tracks for collection of paper documents and electronic data. These tracks are fully documented and codified in operational procedure, ensuring accountability and accuracy.

 Paper documents are collected on-site by our trained and experienced teams. Each document is inventoried on a Detailed Collection Tracking form, which is in triplicate.  One copy is maintained by the client and is used at the time of return to ensure that all material is in good order and accounted for.


Electronic files can be collected by our staff or yours, and sent to our data center for processing via sFTP, or on media (such as a hard drive or DVD) via FedEx or other bonded courier.

In situations where forensic procedures are advisable, such as the initiation of an internal investigation or government inquiry, our certified Forensic Examiners are available to assist with collection, analysis, reporting and Expert Witness Testimony.

Chain of custody is maintained and documented at all times, and as needed, collections specialists can return to perform supplemental collections so that documents that were created after the initial sweep can be included in the review database. In-depth reports track all aspects of the collection process, including client, case, custodians, data type and size, date of collection, method of collection, and collection details. These are provided to you on a regular basis by your assigned Project Manager.

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