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"Managed Services" are typically specialized offerings provided by service bureaus over a multi-year period, using standardized and repeatable (often tailored) processes. In e-discovery, Managed Services usually refers to processing, hosting, review, and data administration functions which are provided to a corporation or law firm.

Altep's managed services provide clients with administrative control of a proven e-discovery operation, including secure infrastructure, expert people, and repeatable processes, without having to build it themselves. The result is a material reduction in e-discovery costs and an increase in efficiency and accountability.

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Managed Services are an increasingly popular option for a variety of reasons:

  1. Many organizations don't have the necessary infrastructure. Managed Services allows them to take advantage of sophisticated technologies, without incurring the burden of hardware, software, and manpower.
  2. For firms whose core competencies don't include IT, Managed Services offers all the benefits and capabilities with none of the unknowns.
  3. Managed Services clients can ramp up on demand, adding capabilities, storage space, and support to meet current work and caseloads.
  4. The underlying technologies and systems are monitored for performance and security, and regularly upgraded to keep pace with emerging standards and the latest platform versions. 
  5. Clients can maintain full administrative control of their Managed Services environment, creating and managing their own cases, users, and access levels.
  6. Costs are predictable month over month.
  7. On demand support is provided by highly qualified and certified experts; as needed, the client can request additional support, and there's no need to hire or train internal staff.

Features, Capabilities & Utilities 


Blackout is an assisted redaction application for Relativity which automatically redacts documents based on your criteria, resulting in significant time- and cost-savings.


Broadcast provides powerful, customizable visualization tools to illustrate Relativity review progress, case data, and much more. With a wide array of self-serve reporting features, it's available on both desktops and mobile devices.


PrivThread is a customized script for Relativity that automatically populates email thread content into designated fields, significantly accelerating your privilege log generation workflow.


Relegate is Altep’s on-demand document archiver. Relegated documents are still returned as search hits, and be reactivated any time. Additionally, data visualizations reflecting the count and nature of relegated items are available.


OpenService is Altep’s Managed Services Request system, which allows clients to submit requests for data management within their organization’s Relativity environment.





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